Dietary Services In Adelaide

360me Nutrition specialises in a lower carb dietary approach for the management of diabetes, PCOS, weight management, fatty liver and high triglycerides.

Read more about our full range of services below.

  • Personalised Nutrition

    360me Nutrition is an integrated team of down to earth dietitians who work behind the scenes to support each other to ensure we provide you with everything you need to support your goals and enjoy the change. Our clients see us for a range of different reasons here is just a few;

    • Have a healthy relationship with food
    • To take control of your weight and live
    • To lose weight and help control your diabetes
    • To improve your health and minimise the need for medications
    • Have a better understanding of how nutrition can help you 
    • Improved your diet, get more energy, manage medical conditions

    Our dedicated dietitians are available for one on one sessions to be able to focus entirely on you. 

    We pride ourselves on our specialist areas on weight loss management (both surgical and non-surgical) for more specific requirements we have the expertise to support your needs in a range of areas including:

    • Weight loss
    • Type I & II diabetes
    • Bariatric Surgery
    • Lower Carbohydrate diets
    • High Cholesterol & Heart health
    • PCOS
    • Healthy Ageing
    • Nutrition support
    • Gut Health (e.g., Irritable bowel syndrome, Inflammatory bowel disease & Coeliac)
    • Sports Nutrition
    • Eating Disorders
    • Pre-Diabetes

    We accept all Medicare referrals and Private patients as well as DVA card holders.

  • Bariatric Support

    360me Nutrition specialises in providing weight loss surgery and support, education and advice for all stages of surgery.

    From preparing for your surgery to maintaining your new healthy eating patterns we are there to assist you to make these changes simple. 

    Taking a longer term view we enable you to obtain support when you need it the most.

    Our Dietitians will help you through the pre and post-surgery protocols and then continue to support you as your ability to eat more foods expands.

    Our dietitians will teach you a lower carb eating approach to help you firstly achieve your target weight goal and then more importantly maintain it in a healthy easy to follow manner. 

    Your dietitian can interpret your medical history and all blood tests results to include this information in any of the nutritional support offered to you. 

    With any Bariatric surgery you may require multivitamins and protein supplements which your dietitian can guide you through; and can be purchased in the 360me store

  • Adolescent Weight Management

    If you are concerned about your teens weight (under or over weight) we at 360me Nutrition are trained to help. Our dietitians will tailor a eating plan to address their specific needs in a safe, friendly and non-judgmental environment. The use of our body composition analysis scales is extremely useful to show changes in fat mass and muscle mass composition in growing teenagers where weight alone is not an accurate measurement of progress. 

  • Medicated Weight Loss Programs

    360me Nutrition in combination with Adelaide Bariatric Centre has designed a medical weight loss clinic which involves GP supervision with medication prescription eg Saxenda or Contrave and well as goal setting and support with lower carb management from our 360me Dietitian. This clinic is based at Specialists at the Parade 12 The Parade Norwood; this is a 6-month program – phone 81771503 to book. 

  • Body Composition Analysis

    Are you interested in knowing more about your body composition and understanding how much of your body is fat mass, muscle mass and water and moving away from just scales for weight?

    At 360me Nutrition we can help you do just that with our Bioimpedance scales. The Dietitian can interpret the results of the scan, set up goals for you in consultation and create a personalised dietary plan to meet these. 

  • Aged Care

    We can offer Menu reviews for accreditation in aged care facilities as well as dietitian reviews for residents.