What To Expect From Your Dietitian Consultation | 360me Nutrition Adelaide

What To Expect From Your Dietitian Consultation | 360me Nutrition Adelaide

What To Expect From Your Dietitian Consultation | 360me Nutrition Adelaide

So you are thinking of making an appointment to see an Adelaide dietitian and you are wondering what you can expect? Whom should I see? You may have never seen a dietitian before and may be curious what exactly we do, or you may have been told by a health practitioner to see a dietitian.

At 360me nutrition we pride ourselves on customer service – we will respect you, we will provide you with the most up to date dietary information and we make it easy! Here is what you can expect seeing a 360me nutrition dietitian in Adelaide.

How to book an appointment with a 360me dietitian?

Firstly, you will be treated with complete privacy from the minute you call our number (1300 036 569) to enquire about making an appointment at one of our 12 sites around Adelaide. Our practice manager April, will ask you some simple questions to best place you with one of our dietitians. For example :

  • Have you been referred by a practitioner and what type of help are you needing from a dietitian?
    Some of our dietitians have specific areas of interest so April will match you with the best fit for you! You can read more about our dietitians here.
  • Where do you live?
    April will be able to find you a clinic nearby!
  • Do you have a preference for face-to-face consultation or telehealth?

Once we know these details, April will find you an appointment with the ideal dietitian and at the most convenient location. You will know where to go, at what time and all fees will be explained to you, including information about whether you have a Medicare careplan and what rebate can be expected as well as information about health insurance rebates for dietitian consultations. So no nasty surprises on the day of your appointment!

What to expect from your dietitian consultation?

Now you are at your 360me dietitian consultation. Your dietitian will start their conversation with you asking why you wish to see a dietitian and what goals you may be wanting to achieve. Is there a medical reason you wish to get help with, or do you simply have an issue that you think a 360me dietitian can help you with? 

Whatever your motivation our dietitians will make sure your needs and goals are clearly understood to get the most out of your 360me dietitian consultation.

You may have a referral letter explaining your medical situation, have blood tests that need to be reviewed or just arrive with nothing – our dietitians will spend the necessary time finding out what YOU want! You do not need a doctor referral to see one of our dietitians.

What kind of questions will my dietitian ask me during the appointment?

Your eating patterns, medical history and social situation will be important information for the dietitian to know so they will ask you plenty of questions about these topics. For example, your medical history may or may not be relevant to your particular issue, your physical activity levels, social situation if relevant and of course what foods you are typically eating all can impact on the dietary information your 360me dietitian will need to provide you with. Once these important details are known, the 360me dietitian can create a management plan for you – what dietary or lifestyle changes may need to be adjusted or changed to help manage your particular situation! The most important thing will be that your dietitian will explain to you why they think you need to follow their particular regime and the reasons for this.

For example, if you were coming for information about recently diagnosed Type II diabetes, your 360me dietitian will explain that following a lower carbohydrate diet will help the management of your diabetes and explain exactly how lower carbohydrate is beneficial to diabetes. Not just tell you to do something without clarification of why!

What will I get out of an appointment with a dietitian?

Once your dietitian has assessed your individual needs, education will then be provided by your 360me dietitian. Our dietitians have developed education resources that are evidence based on the latest nutritional information for each and every disease state, medical conditions, weight loss etc. So, you will be educated using up to date information that is clear and not complicated. You will receive education from our 360me dietitian as to what dietary changes need to be made but most importantly how to make these changes as simple as possible and achievable within your particular lifestyle, job, family etc. This is the main point of difference at 360me nutrition – we make it easy! No strict mealplans or diets, just evidence based dietary information to help you achieve whatever goals or medical issues you may have.

Will I have to be weighed?

Only if you want to be ! This is your consultation so if you do not wish to be weighed there will be no pressure from your 360me dietitian to weigh you. If you wish to be weighed then that will happen, and if you wish to know your body fat and muscle mass composition, we can arrange your appointment to include bioimpedance scales assessment.

What follow up plans will be made?

Once education is complete, a plan for ongoing management and help will be made in conjunction with you. Some people need multiple follow up dietitian consultations to address particular conditions, and sometimes only a few consultations may be required. Whatever is relevant to your situation will be clearly outlined to you and appointments can then be scheduled that suit you.

You can also follow us on social media with free recipes, product reviews, educational reels and much more! All produced by experienced and passionate 360me Adelaide dietitians.


At 360me nutrition, we are not a nutrition conveyor belt! We do not simply throw you a one size fits all diet chart and have you out the door in 20 minutes! You will be heard, respected and a detailed plan will be made to benefit you with you, so you can start changing whatever aspects of your diet and lifestyle that is necessary to help your specific needs or situation!

So make an appointment at one of our many locations across Adelaide, or give us a call on 1300 036 569 – it will be the first step towards better health, nutrition and feeling healthy!

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