Director & Dietitian Pennie Taylor on Lower Carb Diets in the News | 360me Nutrition Adelaide

Director & Dietitian Pennie Taylor on Lower Carb Diets in the News | 360me Nutrition Adelaide

Director & Dietitian Pennie Taylor on Lower Carb Diets in the News | 360me Nutrition Adelaide

360me nutrition dietitians and Directors Dr Pennie Taylor and Nick Wray, are south Australia’s Lower carb dietitians. They joined forces and bring with them, over a combined 40 years’ experience  in private practice, where they move evidence that they read into practical and food based solutions.

You may know about Dr Taylor and her work on the CSIRO Low carb diet, but what you may not know is that Pennie and her co-director, Nick Wray have been working in clinical practice advocating a lower carbohydrate approach to healthier eating.

Having worked with patients for weight loss and weight loss surgery, Pennie and Nick have found an approach that benefits most of their clients. , Identifying how much carbohydrate a person is consuming and starting to lower these amounts until we reach a level of carbohydrate intake that is practical and effective, can result in a nice, steady and permanent weight loss. This could be bringing someone down from 200g of carbohydrate a day to 130g a day then progressively to 50-90g.  Some of our patients also prefer to jump right into it, and reduce their carbs to target levels immediately, and we can work on this too.  

Looking at carbohydrates isn’t just about lowering the total amount, it is also about looking at the quality of the diet, making sure that the carbohydrates included are of good, high fibrequality, and unprocessed amounts that are still beneficial for health. We also have adapted our eating strategies to include personalised amounts of protein and healthy fats, this means looking at your eating style, your cooking ability and time to prepare the meals.

Our dietitians provide shopping lists including low carb foods on the market, resources to help you identify the correct proportions of foods for meals to keep the meals to the right combination of carb, fats and protein. They are with you every step of the way. 

You can see our director Pennie Taylor speaking about some of these shopping choices on channel 7 news! 

Pennie and Nick mentor and work behind the scenes with the 360ME dietitians who see the patients through their journey for of lower carb eating, and they will monitor your tolerance and adapt to your eating style. At 360me nutrition we make lower carb eating easy!

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