Medicated Weight Loss in Adelaide | New Leaf Program

What Is The New Leaf Program?

360me Nutrition have teamed up with Burnside Cosmetic to create a new, multidisciplinary weight loss program – New Leaf – to help people feel less alone during their journey to a healthier lifestyle. 

New Leaf will be offered at Burnside Cosmetic Clinic's new purpose-built facility on the corner of Greenhill Road and LE'Strange Street in Glenside. This new “wellness hub” will be a space where the team is able to support, nurture and educate clients every step of the way. If this program sounds like something that sparks your interest give the team at Burnside Cosmetic a call today on 08 7221 2577 to book.

About Burnside Cosmetic Clinic
  • 16 Week Program

    Supported over 16 weeks, the lifechanging program is a team effort. All clients are screened by Burnside Cosmetic’s GP, Dr Koulos to assess suitability. From there, Claire, an enrolled nurse, supports you via phone or in person, while our accredited clinical dietitian Ashlee will assess your nutritional biomarkers and diet history.

  • Lower Carb Focus

    Our clinical dietitian Ashlee will assess your personal nutritional needs and goals to provide personalised education on lifestyle management, medication and a lower carb diet

  • Long Term Results

    At the completion of the program, Dr Chris and our dietitian, Ashlee will plan with you, the ongoing support you require, including medical and dietitian appointments, and body composition analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medicated Weight Loss

How do I book my first appointment?

Simply phone the friendly team at Burnside Cosmetic on 7221 2577 to discuss booking an initial appointment with Dr Chris Koulos to discuss your eligibility.

If I am eligible, what can I expect from the program?

  • 4 x Consultations with Dr Chris Koulos. Dr Chris will guide you through how to take the medication, dosing, dealing with potential side effects and much more.

  • 5 x Dietitian consultations with Dietitian Ashlee Fuchs. Ashlee will design your 16- week lower carbohydrate program with you. She will teach you why we are using a lower carbohydrate approach, how to count your carb serves, menu planning, recipes, mindfulness tips and much more.

  • Body composition analysis using bioimpedance scales will be done at week 2, 8 and 16. Ashlee will explain the results and show you the changes that are happening to your body fat mass, muscle mass and percentage body fat. ·

  • At the completion of the program, Dr Chris and Ashlee will plan with you, the ongoing support you require, including medical and dietitian appointments, and body composition analysis.

What's so good about these bioimpedance body composition analysis scales?

Bioimpedance scales will tell you accurately what your body weight is composed of i.e., how much of your body is fat mass, muscle mass and water. So, progress is measured mainly by looking at reducing the body fat mass percentage whilst either maintaining or increasing your muscle mass. Just looking at body weight changes sometimes does not tell you just how well you are progressing!

Can I see my own GP at the same time?

Yes, you can still seek medical advice from your own GP before, during and after being on the New Leaf program.

Do I have to take the medication?

No, if you choose not to Dr Chris & Ashlee can guide you through the program with the lower carbohydrate eating plan side of the program only. 

Why is this program better than just taking medication alone? 

Support is crucial when trying to lose weight and the combination of 8 visits with a specialist GP & dietitian will set you up for long-term success. Combining weight loss medications with a lower carbohydrate diet gives fantastic results and sustained, lifelong weight loss.